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Samuel Diz AIE

Trabajo para Samuel Diz

Ilustración y diseño para el ciclo de conciertos de Samuel Diz

Music in Cloister, 2012

Image for the festival.

Concert «El carrero»

Acting with Samuel Diz (classical guitar) in Music School ”El Carreró”. 18 may 2012. Mataró (Barcelona)

Perfomance «Son de seis»

Acting with Samuel Diz (classical guitar) and Font Marçal Espí (Poet) in «El Almazen». 10 novembre 2012. Barcelona.

Festival Música en el Claustro, 2011

Concert Series VII: «125 years of International Bridge»
From 22 to 26 August 2011
Concert: ESPIDO (Vocal & Guitar / Folk), ANDREA GONZALEZ (Piano / Classical), MATAMÁ ENSAMBLE (bagpipes, saxophone, hurdy-gurdy and percussion /Contemporary Folk) CLAUDIA MADUR (Vocals, Guitars and Bass / Fado)

Samuel Diz «On the road»

The Aropostcards continue to travel, in this case, with music inspired by Puerto Rico by Samuel Diz and his new album «On the road». When buying a Aropostcards «on the road» you can download the music via the QR printed on the back of the cardboard. More info at:



Samuel Diz, Gira 2011

AROPOSTCARDS for Festival Music in Cloister (Tui)

Festival Música en el Claustro, 2010

Event Poster.




Music and history together by a series of concerts surrounded by a beautiful context: the cloister of the cathedral in Tui (Pontevedra)


Plates illustrating all concerts in general

and representation of the story: «The largest flower in the world» by Jose Saramago in particular.

More info: